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Eastern European Knitting

There are many different ways of knitting which amazingly produce the same results.  People hold needles differently (some even like to hold long needles under their arms) and throw the yarn in a different way to produce stitches.  It usually depends … Continue reading

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Neat knitting edge: slip the first stitch, knit the last stitch.

In many of my patterns you can find the instructions to start the row with: “Slip the first stitch” and to finish the row with:“knit the last stitch”, no matter what the rest of the pattern says. We call it … Continue reading

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Designing and knitting with short rows

I just finished writing pattern for one of my latest Karabella designs: KK 617 “Bluebell Yoke sweater”and can definitely say that it is one of my favorite: classy and elegant. I like it so much that I immediately decided to … Continue reading

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Preparing yarn for hand-dying

How to prepare Yarn for dying.  My yarns come from Italy either in big hanks of 500 grs or on cones.  If it is in big hanks – I dye it the way it is and if it is on cones … Continue reading

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Yarn hand-dying

If you have ever visited my School Products Yarn store, you have probably seen an ocean of different color-sand textures of hand-dyed cashmere hanks and hand-dyed merino wool hanks on the tables. These are tied in bunches which are called “mushrooms”. They are incredibly soft … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello my friends, Welcome to my new blog! I finally woke up and realize that blogging would be a good way to share my vast knitting experience with you especially if you are not in New York and can not … Continue reading

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