Welcome to my blog!

Hello my friends,

Welcome to my new blog! I finally woke up and realize that blogging would be a good way to share my vast knitting experience with you especially if you are not in New York and can not come to School Products Yarns store for advice. With my 15 years of knitwear development for the New York’s most famous Fashion houses like Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and others, I have a lot to share! I will be telling you my knitting secrets and tips on “how I do it” and welcome your comments and questions. I will post tips on knitting, crocheting, yarn hand-dying, crewel sweater embroidery, finishing, designing and more.

Join the club and I am looking forward to blogging with you!

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917 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. Kiko says:

    Thank you, Berta, looking forward to this!

  2. Alissa says:

    A blog is such a great idea for you to share and showcase all your immense talent Berta! Looking forward to reading all your posts from Upstate NY.

    I had to call Raf the other day because I was missing the store and you both very much.

    Love, Alissa

  3. I have been trying to purchase some yarn from you the School House Yarns website. I get as far as the checkout and no futher. Everything else works but I am continually back at the page for payment details. I click continue and I am back to the same page. I am after some yarn as well as the crochet lace shawl KC555. I love the yarn and was looking forward to using it. Hope you can help. Kris

  4. pikavippi says:

    I fool infer from a insufficient of the articles on your website now, and I unqualifiedly like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites net period list and last will and testament be checking back soon. Divert check in view my site as ok and vindicate me be acquainted with what you think. Thanks.

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